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Fwd: CampOUT

Fowarding this info along from a trannyfags list:


CampOUT which is happening in Needmore Indiana
only has 17 days left to preregister for the 4 day or
weekebnd rate.

Thursday July 28th to Sunday July 31st is $100
for the preregistration rate. If you register after
July 1st (either over the internet of thru regular
mail) the cost to register becomes $125.

Friday July 29th after dinner to Sunday 31st is
$75 for preregistration. After July 1st the cost is

Live in the area but can't afford the whole weekend?
Day passes for Friday and Saturday will be $30!

WHAT IS CAMPOUT OFFERING??? The first organizational
meeting for La Fraternitie du Loup-Garou will be
happening on Saturday July 30th. All of your
meals are paid for in your entry fee, and those
meals will be prepared by a trained chef and her
staff. (many volunteers have offered to help
in the kitchen all of them have worked in the
culinary field.) A large drumming circle with fire
in the evening for drumming enthusiasts, and
people who would like to learn or experience
a drumming circle. friday and saturday evening
entertainment. learn more about practical and
functioning earth sustaining communities. Meet
other FTMs and their supporters who are into
leather. Get a tattoo from tattoo artist Rebecca
Huston. Enjoy being in a nature sanctuary
which doesn't label their composters or showers
by gender. Are you a nudist? well come on down!
Enjoy the spirit of the land because it will be the number
one reason to come back. Want to register or get more
info? please check out our website, and you can register
over the internet right there and pay with paypal!!!

questions about lagarou?

hope to see you there,
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