Matt (wingedwolf_2004) wrote in transmen,

Came out in work

It was my first work shift today, and I was becoming very uncomfortable with the constant 'lady' and 'she's directed at myself so I asked to have a word with the department mangeress. I went into a room with her and told her as calmly as I could (I was shakign and very nervous) that I was transgendered, and I'd appriciate it if they could ue male pronouns, and if I could have male trousers. It was daunting, but she was fantastic about it and asked if I wanted the rest of teh team to know, and so I did and she took me to them and told them that I was a he and would appriciate the curtesy of being treated as a regular boy. They were all awesome with me and treated me great after that, especially the guys.

I've never been so happy in work before1 ^__^ I'm so glad I decided to come out on my first shift, rather than leave it :3
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