Jayden Davis (lilbd69) wrote in transmen,
Jayden Davis

Just a little introduction.

Just thought I would drop in and say hi. I have been transitioning about 3 years now... Rather a short amount of time for someone of my age... Only been on T about a year... And there was quite a break in there... Just started back on in September after being off since March. Hoping for top surgery this coming Summer. Anyhow.. My names Jayden and I live in the Bay Area... I'm 28. Have 3 children who are not living with me at the moment but will hopefully be home by May. They are 8, 6, and 4. Two boys and a girl. Pics are in my most recent LJ post. I'm involved in the leather community. Just got into a new relationship with another trans-man. He is about 5 years on T and had his top surgery about a year ago. Anyhow... Look forward to getting to know some of you.
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